Saturday, March 31, 2012

Instagram Friday {on Saturday} And some great deals

Welcome to Instagram Friday {on Saturday today this week was busy}
A little glimpse into life beyond sewing. 

Before we dive right in... I have some exciting deals for you today!
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Now on with the post...

 With Spring here (I seriously love just typing that) we decided it was high time to get the winter grime washed off... Abbey was not a fan.

 We enjoyed a picnic outside (it was lovely) This little guy was drooling at the sight of the food hoping for a nibble. He plays Jedi mind tricks on you :)

 We are not campers, I would like to be a camper, I grew up a camper, we have a tent, so we should camp, either way the tent was borrowed and therefore needed to be aired out, the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.

 I decided to try a head wrap scarf thing, I either didn't do it right or it is just not my thing, by kids thought I was dressing as the easter bunny, my husband thought I was preparing to scrub the floor by hand (not a bad idea.. it could use it) I guess I tried and failed... Have you tried something that didn't work out?

 Jude is taking on more "challenging" math. Nothing teaches it better than m&m's

 Abbey caught the puzzle bug so we brought back puzzle night! Jude our puzzle master takes on the big ones (150-500 pieces for a night) Abbey whips through the 25-48 piece puzzles.
Last a little sneak peek at the latest project I am working on... it's a work in progress but coming along nicely.

So how was your week?

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Honey Pie Bloomers {new pattern}

 Ok today is the last "new pattern" post. (well for a little while I have 3 more still in the works that didn't make it in time to join these ones) Today it is the Honey Pie Bloomers. I am not even kidding when I say that I LOVE these shorts! It is time to make them in a million different colors and Abbey can just wear them all summer.
 They are roomy and comfy, easy to slip right on since they have a nice elastic waist. They are cute and "styled" without being fussy.
 Of course there are pockets. (because kids clothes are not complete without at least a pocket or two) There are cuffs at the legs which ad a nice polished look.
 They sew up really fast so your little one can be off enjoying the warmth in no time at all.
 They also come with options, you can have the mid thigh length option (the floral print ones) or a true bloomer style with knee length. I love them both.
 There are also two bow options, a ribbon option or the fabric bow option. Or any other option you can dream up really. Oh and don't you just love the difference a month makes in the grass? It may be time to take new photos of the tan bloomers... since the dead grass is just depressing really. I was sooo ready for Spring.
On another side note, I solved Abbey's photo shyness... for a moment at least, with a sucker and her choice of accessory... you will be seeing a lot of hello kitty "bracelets" (really a hair tie but she thinks it's a bracelet) It makes the girl happy and that is all that matters.

So the details for the pattern:

You can find the pattern here in the shop with 3 sizes available (since the loose fit is very forgiving, Jude actually fits in the same pair as Abbey and she wears a 3T and he wears a 5T)

Looking to stock up? We just added Pattern Bundle prices!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Every Little Thing Dress/Tunic {new pattern}

With my summer pattern line I knew I had to include a simple Summer Dress/Tunic. The ease of the style is my go to look for Abbey all summer. It's the "grown up" version of the Abbey Dress with some obvious changes. I love the tank style top with flowing skirt. The Every Little Thing Dress/Tunic Pattern is every thing a summer dress should be, simple, comfortable, and airy. 
 The addition of an oversized bow in front is not only a fun detail but I love the feminine flair it adds.
 I love the mix and matched fabrics, and Abbey loves the dress and top, even if she was in a horrible mood for the pictures.
 The tunic length makes for a great top. Of course the top/dress include pockets, you know, for all the treasures kids pick up. I don't think I can make something for Abbey that doesn't have pockets she would likely reject it at this point.
There are also buttons down the back. The bodice is a comfortably loose fitting bodice so a child can get a lot of wear out of one size,(which I love) but it also makes layering easy for cooler weather. For now though we are heading into warmer weather and are loving every second of it.
You can find the PDF Pattern for the Every Little Thing dress/tunic in the shop
HERE it comes in sizes 6m-4T

Looking to stock up? We just added Pattern Bundle prices!
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Buy 3 patterns for $15  Use the code: BUY3
Buy 4 Patterns for $20  Use the code: BUY4
Buy 5 Patterns for $25  Use the code: BUY5

Codes can be used in BigCartel shop only

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{New Pattern} Maxwell Top for Boys

 I have been working on some new patterns! (whoop whoop) I started designing my summer patterns with one thing in mind. BOYS! Why? Because I love that Jude loves tee shirts, sure. But sewing for boys can be fun, and it doesn't have to just be tee shirts. (even though I don't blame him I am a tee shirt person myself) So I reworked a basic button down and added an urban twist with military influences.
The Maxwell Top Pattern is available HERE
 An oversized button tab was a fun pop of interest. (see boy details can be fun)
The pockets with flaps add that perfect military pop.
 The back has an accent yoke that adds a certain something to the back of the shirt. (for this one I split the yoke in two and cut the seersucker on the bias so it would have a chevron pattern)
 I have made Jude a few of the shirts since, but I have to say I think the linen one is my favorite, it lays so nicely and has a great texture to it.
 Jude's favorite? This black one. I think the color and front pockets remind me of a bowling shirt, but the stretch poplin does make it very soft and comfortable which is likely why it is Jude's favorite. I made this one without the button tab, as another option, and I added buttons to the pocket flaps.
 The way the shirt lays is still nice even with the heavier fabric, and I do like the unexpected color of black for a little boy.
My favorite detail really is the buffalo check for the back yoke that I cut on the bias for interest. I love the details of the shirt the most. Proving sewing for boys can be fun and hip.

The pattern is available in the shop HERE and it is available in sizes 12m-5T 

Looking to stock up? We just added Pattern Bundle prices!
Buy 2 patterns for $12  Use the code: BUY2
Buy 3 patterns for $15  Use the code: BUY3
Buy 4 Patterns for $20  Use the code: BUY4
Buy 5 Patterns for $25  Use the code: BUY5

Codes can be used in BigCartel shop only

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Link Party #13

Welcome to Link Party #13!
You guys are awesome possum! The things you make are amazing! I love that you share them! Here are a few of my favorites from last week. 

I was floored (get it's a rug...ya I went there) When I saw what Holy Craft shared. She stenciled that rug! What? I know it's crazy, and well the whole room is beautiful, I want it, and the dog too. Seriously check it out.

 Mama says sew shared these super cute sailor shorts she made for her daughter. I am in LOVE. They are so stinking cute!
Lastly Blue Bird and the Boy shared a dress that is made from one of my favorite fabrics and a combination of colors that I can't live without. The back is so cute!

Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous creations! Let's keep it going and see what you have in store for us this week!
I can't wait!

New to link parties? That's totally fine here's what you have to do:

Find a entry on your blog that you want to link up.
It can be ANYTHING (unless it's an ad or something let's keep it spam free)
Say it is a great new project you just made and have been dying to share it with the crafting world. 
the link should look something like this:
http://(your blog adress/website)/(the post you want to link).html
Linking to the post is the easiest way for people to get back to that post.

Then click where it says "click here to enter" 
follow the steps to link your post and create a title, and select your picture.
Keep in mind the picture will be small thumbnail so pick a picture that shows it off the best. 

Lastly if you were so kind to add our button to your page or post, or where every you store your link party things that would be super cool. You don't have to use the button to link up, it's just there for you if you can't live without it. 

cool? cool. Let's get the party started!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The 64 Square Quilt {for a baby}

 So I am not a quilter. There I said it. I love quilts, my Grandmother was a quilter, (and her quilts were to die for) my mom dabbled in quilts, and although I have made a quilt for each of my kids when they were babies, I am not a quilter. I just love babies and quilts. Someday maybe I will share the Beatles quilt I made for Jude, or the bird embroidered quilt I made for Abbey, but both of those had countless hours poured into them. I still love quilts for babies. So when I decided to make a friend a gift set for the soon arrival of their first baby. (a little boy) I knew I wanted to add a quilt to my "go-to" baby boy gift set.  The quilt was super easy to make and it came together super fast in one afternoon. (few short hours from start to finish is my kind of project)
So here is how I did it, although again, I am not a quilter,this is not even technically a quilt since I didn't add any batting,  so you know it's just how I made it.
 I started by drawing out my grid like so. I decided on rows of 8X8. Simple squares.
 Then I simply drew in the design I wanted. This can be anything you want and if you are like me you draw out oh...12 before you find the one you like the best. You can follow the design above if you like, or make your own.

 Then it's time to cut cut cut. I used fabrics from the Curious Nature Collection by Parsons Gray I had one fat quarter bundle and 1/2 yard of the stepping stones. I LOVE the masculine colors and style. I fell in love the instant I saw it and I have plenty left over to make baby shoes and bow ties, binky clips, you know all that fun stuff.
So I cut out all my squares 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. I cut 8 of each of the 4 colors and 32 from the grey stepping stones. I used a 3/8 seam allowance when sewing all the squares and the finished quilt was 30 inches by 30 inches.

 When sewing sew right sides together sewing one row at a time. Press all of your seams flat.
 1 down 7 more to go...

 When you have your rows done. Match right sides together one row with the next and match all the seams as you go. Press your seams flat.
 Then you should have all your rows sewn together. It's a good time to even up any edges that may be slightly off.
 Then I used the super soft "ultra cuddle fleece" for the back. I scored some from the remanent bin so I got it super cheap and half a yard was enough for the back. (I had to cut and add a seam so I could get a square large enough but it worked) Then with a square the size as the quilt front sew right sides together all around the edges leaving an opening to turn the quilt right side out.
*To make this an actual quilt you could add batting now, but I wanted to keep it nice and light, so it's really just a blanket with a pieced front.

 Then turn the edge from the opening under and pin in place. Smooth out the whole quilt top and add safety pins to secure the two layers together. This helps with the top stitching so that you can be sure everything stays smooth.
 Now sew around the entire outside edge which closes the opening. You can also go all free style curvy stitching on top of the quilt, but that's where I fail as a quilter. So I just ran some stitches up and down along the seams, simple and clean.
 Then you are done with a simple and quick, quilted front fuzzy back perfect for baby.
It was so quick and easy I think I may just make a few more, since I kind of want to keep this one :)