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Top Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World 2013

If you're wondering why you're being charged so much for your motorcycle insurance, it may be due to factors that you're not aware of but which factor into insurance providers' calculations. One of these is your age. In general, younger motorcycle riders are charged higher rates because of the expectation that they are a higher insurance risk compared with more mature motorcycle owners. In addition, you will be levied higher rates if you are unmarried and male, again because of safety concerns.
Even the neighborhood in which you live and your occupation can be considerations used by providers in determining the size of your motorcycle insurance rates. For example, if you live in a high-risk area that has a high record for motorcycle thefts, then you will be charged a high rate. However, you can ameliorate this somewhat by installing anti-theft devices, such as tracking monitors, in your bike, as well as parking your bike in a secure place such as your garage or a protected parking lot. The distance between your home and your workplace, and the route you take to get there will also affect how much you will be charged.
But it is not just your personal profile that will be considered when computing your motorcycle insurance rates but also the type of bike you're driving. More powerful motorcycles, such as sports bikes, will be charged the most expensive rates because insurance providers anticipate that they will be used in a risky fashion, such as in street races. Even smaller motorcycles, which are generally the cheapest to insure, may be charged higher premiums if they have powerful engines. On the other hand, older models that are well maintained will be offered lower premiums. Bigger motorcycle models may also be charged lower premiums than sports bikes because they are considered safer to ride and users are less likely to use them in dangerous activities such as racing.

Best of Motorcycle Fails / Accident 20xx - 2013

Motorcycle accidents, as any personal injury attorney will tell you, are usually deadlier than car accidents. Whereas a car can help shield a motorist from injuries, the only protection a motorcycle rider really only has a safety helmet - if he or she is in fact wearing one - to prevent serious injury. In my personal injury law practice in Seattle, Washington, I see my share of tragedy that comes as a result of riding the roads on two wheels instead of four. I would like to share some somber statistics on motorcycle accidents and caution bikers to be extra cautious when traveling. • The number of accidents increases regularly year-to-year in the U.S. • Motorcycle deaths are 30 times as great as for those who drive automobiles • Riders under 40 are 36 more times as likely to be in an accident fatality than other drivers who are the same age • Motorcycle riders over 40 are around 20 times more likely to be in an accident fatality than other drivers who are the same age • Motorcycle fatalities make up about 5 percent of all highway deaths, but motorcycles represent only 2 percent of all registered vehicles in the U.S. • Approximately 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in personal injury or death. Car accidents? Only 20 percent. • Most motorcycle accidents are caused by the simple fact that other vehicles fail to see them • Weather is not a factor in 98% of motorcycle accidents • 92% of motorcycle users involved in accidents have no safety or riding training; instead they learned on their own or from friends. Motorcycle rider safety training has been shown to significantly reduce personal injury and wrongful death in traffic mishaps. • The typical motorcycle accident allows the operator only 2 seconds to take action to avoid a harmful collision • In 73% of all motorcycle accidents, the rider is not using any eye protection (safety goggles, for example) and diminished vision resulting from wind delays critical reaction time to danger • The use of a safety helmet did not cause any significant failure to hear traffic noises or create a limited field of vision that contributed to a motorcycle accident • Riders and passengers using helmets suffered significantly lower head and neck injuries. These statistics clearly show that motorcycle usage can be significantly more dangerous than driving a car. They also clearly show that taking the right safety steps, such as wearing a helmet, having eye protection and getting some professional motorcycle safety training, can help bikers travel much more safely.

Top 10 Fastest Bikes In The World 2013

North Korean Motorcycle Diaries

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Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World

All the thrill enthusiasts will know this for sure that no car in the world can match the adrenaline rush that you feel on a motor bike. One thing that boys are crazy about is motor bikes. Well keeping this in mind some of the companies have created most luxurious bikes whose looks are enough to make people keep wondering about what just went pass them. These bikes are sure to become a symbol of your personality and part of your identity.
These bikes are expensive because of their structure, design, speed and also their antiquity. They have been designed by keeping in mind the luxury and a thrill which the rider wants. Obviously these bikes are not for the commoners like us. They have been exclusively made for millionaires and billionaires who have got the money to pay for them and time to pamper these bikes and make them shine daily. Here we have Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World.
10) Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter
Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter
Cost: $ 110,000
This bike was manufactured by Confederate Motor Co. They have use steel to give this bike the unique look that it needs. The bike has gorgeous looks. The bike gives a thrilling experience on the road and is surely not meant for people with weak hearts.
9) Coventry Eagle Flying
Coventry Eagle Flying, 9th moste xpensive bike in the world
Flying Eagle is a very old bike manufactured by Royal Eagle Company. Despite being a little less than a hundred years old, this bike is still good to go on the road. This old bike is a choice of those who love classy things and believe in the phrase ‘Old is Gold’. Well the price tag surely makes it gold.
8) Harley Davidson Rocker
Harley Davidson Rocker, 8th most expensive bike
Cost: $ 130,000
Another Harley Davidson in the race is Harley Davidson Rocker. The bike has been customized by a very well-known German company called House of Thunder. Every detail of the bike is out of this world. It’s a great catch with its 37 degree raked front and a rear that is quite close to the tire. The looks are pretty much jaw-dropping.
7) Hildebrand & Wolfmuller
Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World, Hildebrand & Wolfmuller. 7th most expensive bike
The world’s first production motorcycle, Hildebrand and Wolfmuller is one of the most exclusive motor bikes available. Presently bike is a part of private collection. This bike is this much expensive because of its history of being the first motorcycle. It is indeed a rare bike. The bike has a two cylinder four stroke engine.
6) Hubless Harley Davidson
Most Expensive Bikes In The World, Hubless Harley Davidson
Cost: $ 155,000
Hub Less Harley is another addition to the list of Top Ten Most Expensive Bikes in The World. It has a basic Harley Davidson design. Howard Killer has customized the bike and it is a great deal. The look of this chopper is different from all others. Harley Davidson bikes are known for their impressive looks and this one is no less.
5) Ecosse FE Ti XX
Ecosse FE Ti XX
Cost: $ 300,000
This beautiful bike will cost you a lot but the beauty is just worth it. It gives 225 horse powers from its aluminum engine. Eccose Motor works have made a great addition to their Titanium series. The lustrous looks of the bike are more impressive than you can ask for. Previously, bikes from Titanium Series have been voted the Best Bike of the Year. This bike is one of the fastest bikes of the world and can give you up to 250 MPH.
4) Legendary British Vintage Black
Legendary British Vintage Black
Cost: $ 400,000
Legendary Black Vintage is a unique bike and does not have a match in the whole world. The bike has two cylinders which provide 250 cc power. Bike was produced in Britain. This bike might not bring you the fastest speed but it will sure bring people speeding to your house to see this exclusive antique bike. This is the 4th most expensive bike.
3) Gold Plated Custom Chopper
Gold Plated Custom Chopper
Cost: $ 500,000
This bike is so beautiful that you would never take it out on the road and won’t mind if the bike rides you instead of the other way around. Gold Platted Custom Chopper has the metallic body which is all shinny and gold platted. This bike will be more of a show piece on a brilliant ramp rather than being on road. This golden sparkling beauty was unveiled at Motorcycle Show Seattle.
2) Ultra Rare Porcupine
Most Expensive Bikes In The World
Cost: $ 750,000
Ultra Rare porcupine, as the name suggest is quite rare and that is the reason for being so expensive. This bike was designed during World War II that is why it’s unique. Previously it was a part of the museum. But apparently now museum has also become a place to shop. This bike is out of the National Motorcycle museum and up for sale. The bike is for those who dare to stand out in the crowd and want to revive the history.
1) $ 1 Million Harley-Davidson
most expensive bikes
Cost: 1 Million Dollar
If you are a crazy billionaire and you love riding a bike more than anything else in the world, then this is the perfect bike for you. Designed by Jack Armstrong, this exclusive and most expensive Harley-Davidson bike is going to shake of a whooping one million dollar from your pocket. Well with this much price it obviously has a lot to offer. The powerful six cylinder engine will give you a lightning fast speed. The best thing about this bike or you can say the feature that pops out is its design and style. The bike is unique in terms of its look because of the scripts and paint on the body. So if you have this bike, then don’t be shocked if people start recognizing you as the ‘guy with 1 Million Dollar Harley-Davidson’.$ 1 Million Harley-Davidson is known as the most expensive bike in the world.

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Rare natural scenes

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