Monday, October 31, 2011

Project Runway: The Finale!

Ok it's a little late. Project Runway wrapped on Thursday but, better late than never. So you have surely seen by now Anya is the winner of season 9. I am still not sure how I feel about this. I mean I love Anya, she is super sweet, kind to everyone, and talented. She has a clear design, and she knows her client. I just don't feel like she had the best collection... So let's break it down...

 Anya started out with a bang. I LOVED the first dress that blue beauty is just lovely, the cut, the flow. I love it all and at first I was really blown away because if you remember how her sample show was the week before she was really struggling. On the home visit she didn't have anything sewn. Nothing, and then she made half the collection in the time she had just before the show. It is crazy pants what that girl can whip out. I think it showed a little weak though, since everything was just kind of fabric thrown on a model and flowing down the body. Not a lot of diversity and that tan dress (furthest to the right) it just looked like a hot mess and out of place with the line. It seemed kind of stiff didn't move well and seemed raw around the edges.
 As her line progressed I found pieces that I really liked, like the first three from left to right. Then came the black and gold dress with a funky collar, it didn't do much for me. Then there was was the final gown. It was blah and tent like and the only redeeming factor was the back which I was surprised that no one commented about the fact that it is basically identical to the gown Kimberly made and showed the week before, Anya made this after that I seriously it is like she copied the design simply because the judges loved Kimberly's dress. Still though, I really like Anya, and elements of her designs were really great.
 Joshua was the only other one in the running according to the judges (crazy in my mind) Sorry if you liked this and even more sorry if you loved this because I hated Joshua's collection. The blue "drape" dress looked like a blue potato sack, there was no form no fancy drape, nothing. The second look, I hated the print, and vest. I did really like the blue and gray stripe but that's only because I really like stripes. I can't even explain the lime green messes, those shorts? Are you kidding me?
 The second portion of the collection was a completely different collection. Plastic and weirdness. A skirt that makes that poor models hips look like she just gave birth to 5 kids. and that last gown, it looks like she is wearing a hefty garbage bag. So how he was being seriously considered as a winner, is beyond me, I must be really out of touch with fashion, because I did not get this... ok the black dress second from the left is the only saving grace. It's not so bad.
 Victor got dismissed pretty quickly. I can see why, as much as I really love Victor and really wish he would have kept it together, the judges scared him and he re-did half his line... Big mistake. The first pieces here I really like. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that white jacket. I like the prints, I like the tailoring. I miss the dress that he cut from his first showing, and wish I could have seen the other pieces he cut since I am sure they were great as well...
 Then he has this second part of the show. (they were intermixed with the collection I separated them by type)I actually liked the first two gowns, I agree maybe the first gown should have been lined, but the flow and movement was really pretty on the runway, and the second gown had some cool elements. The other three looks though, kind of too bad really.
 So who got robbed? In my opinion it is Kimberly. I really liked her line. Which surprised me since I have not been a very big fan of Kimberly, but her collection was so polished, her design was clear, her pieces were unique and fresh, without being crazy. She knows her girl, and she transitioned really well from piece to piece starting really casual and building her way up to a gown. I love all of her pieces and would love to have most of them.
Then ending of her line was may favorite I love that bright kaleidoscope gown, and that white outfit? I love that sheerness of that top and her pants are always so great. I like the bubble but skirt, and that white top is so cute. The black top and pink pants are not my favorite, but the gown was sleek and I do love the sparkle. So in the end I was sad that Kimberly was the first to be dismissed, I really think she could of won. I thought her collection was strong.

So what were your thoughts? Were you happy about the outcome? Love the show hate the show? Are you excited for the behind the seams this Thursday?
Let's hear it!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Interview at Addison Renee!

We are over at Addison Renee today! She put together a fun little spotlight, which was fun to participate in. So if you want to learn a little more about me, go check it out. If you don't care two hoots about me, and you just like looking at some adorable stuff then you should check out her shop. Follow her blog for deals, she often gives amazing discounts! In her shop you will find goodies like these:
I love this shabby Chic polka dot! There is one in cream that is to die for as well.

You all know my love affair with peacocks. Well just look at this beautiful pin! Stunning!

After you drool over all the adorable hair clips then drool some more over these overly adorable baby shoes! I am telling you you will get lost in cuteness over at her shop.

And if I can get the project runway page to load for me (it is way bogged down this morning) We will try and talk some runway I mean there is a winner!! And the runway show was certainly worth talking about... so maybe tomorrow we will finally talk runway!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sweet Little MIss Jacket {fall edition}

 Do you remember this jacket? So Abbey still wears it all the time and it's probably my favorite jacket. There were a few little things I wanted to tweak about it. You know how when you stumble through something once you learn a lot and make it better the second time.. that's how it was with this.
 So I made the sleeves a little less "tucked" which cut down in the bulk and makes it easier to wear. I also made the sleeves a little shorter since they were a little hard to deal with. And I skipped the collar and just made the front and back fully lined instead of facing it. It is way easier and the collar was a bit much with everything else.
 I also made it in the super soft "burberry-esque" flannel that I made the neck wrap in. (remember I bought the bolt ha!) It is so soft and cozy and it just screams fall. (the jeans were made HERE)
Do you want to know the best news? This go around I made a pattern! So if drafting one yourself is not your thing no worries, the pattern is available in the shop. Sizes 6 months - 6 years.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Plaid Neck Wrap

 It's fall, which it has been established, I LOVE! So while I am still working away at filling my kids wardrobes with those special fall pieces I thought I would stop and take the time to make something for myself. I made a perfect little neck wrap. It's not a full scarf length cause I never need anything that long. Just nice and tall and made from super cozy plaid. Perfect to wear with a long sleeve shirt when the weather is crisp, but not freezing. Then I can easily layer it under my jacket in the winter to keep my neck nice and toasty, because there is nothing worse than a cold neck. So do you want to make one? In like 5 min even... seriously it is that easy. (you could probably do a no sew on even)
 I started with this "burberry-esque" plaid that I found at Joanns. on sale for 4 bucks a yard! Yep I totally bought the rest of the bolt. It is so soft and cozy, I love it. So cut 2 strips the length and width that you want. I made mine 33 inches wide and 8 inches tall.
 Then at each end of the strip I folded the corners in so the ends came to a point. Then I cut those flaps off so I had to pointed edges.
 Then with the two strips lined up right sides together (which in this case didn't really matter) Sew all around the edge leaving a few inches un sewn so you  can turn it right side out.
 Then turn it right side out. See the opening? Great you will want to turn the raw edge inward and press the whole thing nice and flat.
 Then top stitch around the edges which will close the opening. Lastly for decoration really I added three buttons in a row, because buttons just make everything better.
 That's it you are done. 5 min right? One last thing if you wanted to you could add a little snap on the back side, so you could secure the flap, then it would stay in place, I like the freedom, and flow myself.
Feels good to make something for yourself every once in a while :) Except having to model it after... That's really what my shwin counter part is much better at... 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Mixed-Print Top

 Ok so if there is one thing I love about fashion it is mixing prints. Stripes and polka dots? Love it! Bold prints? Yep I love it all. You know what I don't love? When it looks like a fabric store threw up on an outfit. Do you know what I am talking about? 5+ different prints and fabrics splattered all over a top... no thank you. It's fine if you love it, but it's just not my thing. I like to mix a bold print with a solid and a "mellow" print. I always feel like the solid print tames the look a little so it doesn't get too over whelming.
 For me I also like to mix prints with a super simple design. If you get too much going on like a million ruffles or something it just overwhelms the look. So do you want to make your own? Sweet let's get going...

 We will start with a basic bodice and sleeve. Need help drafting one? Check my post on that here To alter the bodice to be more of a A line tunic top. I cut the top part of the bodice out then cut the bottom half with an angle and added quite a bit of length. I cut one upper bodice piece on the fold and two not on the fold. Then for the skirt cut 2 on the fold. Also cut two sleeves out.
 Then for the front bodice pieces I also cut a rectangle flap for the buttons. It will be folded over, so cut it twice as wide as you want.
 You will also want to cut out facing for the bodice. If you need help with the facing check out my post on that here. You will want facing for the front that goes around the neck and front side. Then a facing for the back neckline.
 Then sew the front and back bodice pieces right sides together at the shoulder seam. Do the same with the facing sewing them at the shoulder seam. Then with right sides together sew the facing to the bodice. You will want to put the button flap on one of the sides before you sew the facing on. To do that fold the top of the button flap under so the flap is just below the top edge. Then sew around the edges.
 Turn the facing around to the back and top stitch it in place. You should see that your button flap is sewn nicely in place.
 Then sew your sleeves in the arm curve. I drafted my sleeve to have a some "puff" so I added two small pleats to each side of the top of the curve.
 Then with right sides together sew the skirt piece to the top bodice. Do this to the front and back pieces.
 Next for the pockets. I cut a square out and then cut a rectangle strip. Sew the right side of the strip to the wrong side of the pocket. (it will seem a little odd.)
 Then press the rectangle so it is on the front of the pocket and press the edge of the rectangle under. Sew in place along the edge.
 Then press the edges under of the pocket.
 Pin the pocket to the top and sew along the side and bottom edge.
 Then with right sides together sew up the sleeve and down the side of the top.
 Then sew some button holes and buttons on to the front.
 I also added some buttons to the pocket.
 That's all there is to it. A simple mixed print top.
 For all of the fun and carefree days kids have.
 Seeing the playful prints just makes me smile.

My memories winner!

Lucky #20 is the winner! And that is...

The Myers!

SO congratulations! You should have an email from me shortly!

Don't forget that you can get 10$ off your purchase of the my memories suit by using code STMMMS16240 at checkout!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

More sizes of the Abbey Jacket are here!

 Alright ladies! You asked, I answered. More sizes of the Abbey Jacket were in pretty high demand, so I made it happen. You will now find it available in Girls sizes 5-10 in the shop.
 I had a cute little neighbor girl model the jacket for me. Isn't she a doll? She is wearing a size 7.
 For this jacket I used my new love, fabric covered buttons. So cute and easy to find the perfect button every time. A few changes to the larger sizes, for scaling, I used the same size cuffs as the sleeves for the chest. Also I took out the puff from the sleeve or the sleeves were getting a little bulky.
 I used a fun linen print for the lining on the white jacket. It was so much fun to make different coats in different colors. My cute model kept the white one...
 But I decided to sell my other samples I made up so if you love the jacket but don't want to sew one up for your self there are a few select sizes available in the shop. Like this Forest Green jacket in girls size 10

And lastly, just because Abbey doesn't need 5 jackets (sniff sniff) I am also listing the gray one that was worn for the pictures. Size 2T

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Buy 4 Patterns for $20  Use the code: BUY4
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