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Triumph motorcycle galeri

Triumph Daytona Bobber by Angry Lane

1973 Triumph Daytona Bobber by Angry Lane (Benoit Barras & Geoff Giles). Powered by a '73 T100R with Boyer electronic ignition.

Triumph Motorcycles watches are a part of this winning company's product line. Triumph brand products are known for their excellence and the company itself is a testament to that. The motorcycles, which are the company's main line of products are known for their masculine elegance and they have a style that is simply timeless. The motorcycles offer both a classic and a sport style to them, giving the rider what they want from the start. The Triumph Motorcycles watches deliver the same type of excellence and prestige.
The Triumph Motorcycles brand started in Coventry in the United Kingdom. It was founded more than 100 years ago and has from that time provided top of the line, traditional and amazingly well designed bikes. Many of their bikes have been used to deliver an iconic status to the company, often being seen in films and ridden by stars. Stars including Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, James Dean and Marlon Brando made the brand even more enticing and this continues today with actors such as Brad Pitt taking on the line.
Yet, what is important about this company's history is that it has always been the icon, which is what the Triumph Motorcycles watch line is all about as well. The timepiece line offers a unique flair to it. It works to combine the elements of motorbikes into that of watch and time piece line. The watches are sporty and yet masculine. They are designed to be competitive looking and enticing, much like the bikes themselves.
Triumph Motorcycles watches are designed to be a retro flavor. They are made to have more retro like shapes to them, but they are also dedicated to providing the finest quality bikes possible. Many of the watches have been designed with the sheer ability to live up to performance standards at the highest level, which is what the company requires of their motorbikes as well.
Triumph Motorcycles was started as a small company and without a lot of foundation exception for passion, the company built its line of motorcycles to the highest level. Passion and drive are heralded as the companies reasons for success, but also because the company pays attention to details. For this reason, all Triumph Motorcycle watches will be sophisticated in a retro style as a tribute to the quality of these watches. They will also be high performance, delivering the types of accuracy and performance required and expected.
Triumph Motorcycles Watches are designed to have a variety of features to appease any user. Some will have a round or square face to them. Another difference from one model to the next includes the color of the metal casing, which may be rose tone, black, and gold tone. There are also a variety of options in the strap and bands. These are available in leather, resin strap or stainless steel.
Triumph Motorcycles watches are designed to show off their masculinity and deliver performance every time. Like the bikes offered by this company, they are icons in the industry of men's watches.
Zai Zhu is a watch collector and founder of You will find over 3500 styles of watches from over 50 brands including Citizen, Seiko, Invicta, Casio, Movado, Bulova, and of course Triumph Motorcycles watches. Weekly deals and daily deal are available. You can also read reviews and articles there.

motorcycles philipines


If you're in the NYC area next week (Sep 25/6/7/8), the first annual Motorcycle Film Festival kicks off with a CineMeccanica screening of a personal favorite, Kathryn Bigelow's ‘The Loveless' (Wed. Sep 25th).  Here's my review of a film I've seen perhaps 25 times, mostly at an age when style icons like Willem Dafoe's 'Vance' left a deep impact.

The Loveless remains much as its title suggests – unloved and unknown outside a core few who consider it an amazing motorcycle film.  The first-time feature for Kathryn Bigelow, who went on to earn two directing Oscars for her meditations on US/Middle East relations (The Hurt Locker and Zero DarkThirty), The Loveless bombed at theaters when released in 1981, but showcased Bigelow’s genius twenty years before the Academy realized who they were dealing with.
Willem Dafoe on a c.1955 Harley Panhead 'Hydra Glide'
Ms Bigelow, who co-directed with Monty Montgomery, had clearly studiedKenneth Anger shorts during her film school days, as The Loveless is a visual homage to Anger’s uncanny eye; he understood better than anyone at time - and schooled generations of filmmakers and ad men – that the cine-camera has the power to transform any object into an Icon.  While Scorpio Rising brewed up a mind-altered gay/Satanic/biker bacchanal (fueled by the first explicit use of powdered amphetamine in a biker film), Anger’s raw honesty (these were his gay biker buddies in real life) is locked and loaded in Bigelow’s hands for a shotgun blast at Happy Days (the #1 TV show at that time) and Reagan-era lobotonostalgia. 
The Gang: Lawrence Matarese as LeVille, Danny Rosen as Ricky, and composer Philip Kimbrough as Hurley
The storyline is a Southern highway collision of Easy Rider with the Wild One, upping the ante on both films with talk of jailhouse ‘joybangs’, andFaulknerian family drama.  The film opens with WillemDafoe as Vance, in his first big screen role (after being fired from Heaven’s Gate!), an intimidating, greasy, and ultrasexy biker sleeping like Satan in the wilderness, right beside his Panhead.  
The late NYC novelist Tina L'Hotsky as Sportster Debbie: 'Do I look affected?'
I wasn’t going to be no man’s friend today’, the movie begins, and he shortly proves his point when encountering the mythic Thunderbird fromAmerican Graffiti  - with, appropriately, a flat tire – complete with a round-heeled beauty waiting for a Real Man to rescue her.  Vance is a real man all right, and sees through George Lucas’ cliché-laden script, taking his payment from the Thunderbird goddess in a way we don't see coming.

international motorcycle jacket

The British outdoor and sporting clothing company Barbour celebrates the 75th anniversary of its legendary motorcycle jacket with a limited edition in the original dark green.


The International Jacket was developed in 1936 for the motorcycle race „International Six Day Trials“ (ISDT). During the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s the International Jacket was the favourite of motorcycle race pilots.

One of the most famous wearers was US-actor and style icon Steve McQueen, who was passionate about motor sports. His friend, the legendary stunt driver Bud Ekins, who doubled McQueen in the film “The Great Escape”, was also wearing this jacket back in the days.


The Barbour International Jacket is a replica from the historic original, made from 8oz waxed coated cotton, and dark green like the original. The waxed cotton from the limited edition replica has been specially treated, giving it an aged and worn-in finish.

It features 100% cotton Barbour Tartan lining, a two-way front zip, an under studded storm fly front, set-in sleeves with ventilation eyelets, corduroy inner collar and cuffs, and four front and two back pockets.

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Honda to market electric motorcycle

December 19, 2008 Honda has been quick to signal some radical changes in direction to enable it to endure the tough times expected in 2009. Following news that it is cancelling all F1 racing involvement and development, and likewise with the successor to the NSX sports car, the company has announced it intends to pursue ever cleaner automotive technologies and the most exciting of its announcements is that it will have an electric motorcycle on the market before the end of 2010. Honda’s original core product was the motorcycle and history shows that motorcycle sales remain strong in difficult times – the Honda announcement of an electric motorcycle is likely to spur rivals Yamaha and Suzuki into action, with both having shown fantastic electric bikes already, and both afraid to give Honda a head start in what will surely be a massive market.
With more people likely to show interest in the motorcycle in a harsh economic climate, Honda plans for a game-changing electric motorcycle are the signal that the era of the electric motorcycle is about to begin – Honda’s brief statement pointed out that the characteristics of electric power can be better utilized in the area of motorcycles, which are often used for short distance travel.
Honda's toughness in negative business environments comes from its almost recession-proof motorcycle business. The motorcycle business has since given way to a global business foundation around three axes - motorcycles, automobiles and power products – but Honda knows it can rely on its original core product and the cost-efficiency of a plug-in electric bike could attract a huge new customer segment, particularly in the emerging emerging economic regions of Asia and South America. Motorcycles are replacing bicycles for everyday transportation in these markets, and long-term and steady market growth is expected for the motorcycle business despite the economic conditions.

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Don't race a turbo diesel truck... not even if you're driving a Lamboghini. Those trucks are wickedly fast

1/8th mile, and that truck is a dozen lengths ahead.

"traffic calmed"? what was it before? Riots and speed demons? Seriously who thought up this BS?

humor in cartoons

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a steampunk motorwheel at Dragon Con 2012 found on

for a whole bunch of great photos of Dragon Con and other conventions, and an emphasis on Steampunk!

This NOS ought to get the job done

The Apple LoungeWear {PDF Pattern}

 Today I am introducing the final pattern in the Fall Line up. It's the ultimate in comfort wear. The Apple LoungeWear is cozy, loose, laid back lounge wear with enough style to be worn around town. It's one of Abbey's favorites and let me tell you, designing the "perfect" loungewear has taken some work. I started (and tested) a round of loungewear earlier this spring but I was struggling to get the details quite right, then it came to me as many designs do, in the middle of the night. I could barely sleep the rest of the night, and could not wait to draft it up and try it out. Abbey loves all 5 that I made while I was perfecting the fit. (the set in these pictures is my favorite but I will share the others another day as well)
 The top can be made from a woven fabric (like the linen I used here) or even better with a knit for a sweatshirt like feel. Abbey loves them all, even the woven fits loose and comy and with the ribbing at the cuffs, waist and neck it still fits like a knit, and behaves like a knit.
 The top has two different pocket options (both shown here) side pockets with a little peek-a-boo cut out so you could show a really cute lining if you wanted, also a chest pocket which is another great place to pop some detail. The pockets are perfect for adding little treasures that kids find. (Abbey is my treasure seeker)
 The pattern also includes leggings, since no loungewear is complete without some cozy leggings and they have a simple yoga waistband so they are super comfy and no elastic sewing is needed :) I used a great floral knit from Girl Charlee for the leggings. A nice spandex or Lycra knit works best for those and this floral was calling my name.
Abbey pretty much wants to wear her loungewear pieces everyday all day, and I don't blame her, comfort is key and it's time to bring the comfy back. It was so much fun designing the Fall Line with knits in mind and designing the comfy clothes my kids love to wear. (and it's also quite possible this pattern is also coming soon in tween and woman's sizes... just sayin' it's happening)

Also incase you missed the announcement yesterday, the old stock up and save prices are back! Which means you could buy the whole Fall Line up and save 30%, or buy any other combination of patterns you like. To see the codes check out the "discounts" tab in the shop.

To check out the pattern click on the picture below:

Dad of the month award goes to the Landspeeder builder

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Two guys, four hands, one amazing tire. Hurst Racing Tires

who puts a bathroom stall bar on their trunk instead of a wing? This guy who is such an ass that he has the Potter series spoiler on his bumper

LAPD shoot unprovoked at 3 innocent people in trucks validating the lunatic that accused them of abuse of power and incompetence, 2 were hispanic women, the perp they were hunting is a large black man. That's pretty damn incompetant

As reported in the Los Angeles Times:  and in the first week of Feb 2013

LAPD were on the lookout for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a disgruntled ex-cop suspected of hunting down members of the LAPD and their families in a twisted campaign of revenge. The radio call indicated that the truck matched the description of Dorner's gray Nissan Titan.

A few minutes later, a truck slowly rolled down the quiet residential street.

As the vehicle approached the house, officers opened fire, unloading a barrage of bullets into the back of the truck. When the shooting stopped, they quickly realized their mistake. The truck was not a Nissan Titan, but a Toyota Tacoma. The color wasn't gray, but aqua blue. And it wasn't Dorner inside the truck, but a woman and her mother delivering copies of the Los Angeles Times...

Beck and others stressed that the investigation into the shooting is in its infancy. They declined to say how many officers were involved, what kind of weapons they used, how many bullets were fired and, perhaps most important, what kind of verbal warnings — if any — were given to the women before the shooting began...

Law enforcement sources told The Times that at least seven officers opened fire. On Friday, the street was pockmarked with bullet holes in cars, trees, garage doors and roofs. Residents said they wanted to know what happened.

"How do you mistake two women, one who is 71, for a large black male?" said Richard Goo, 62, who counted five bullet holes in the entryway to his house. Then, after this incident occurred... A few blocks from the first accidental shooting, police were responding to the shots fired calls and came across another similar pickup truck to the suspect's. There was a collision to the rear of the vehicle and police fired three shots (at least) into the windshield of the driver who was luckily uninjured and NOT INVOLVED.

Christopher Dorner, the intended target of the police, worked for LAPD and has accused them (manifesto here) of abuse of power and incompetence.

The ultimate irony, as several other sources have commented, is that their response to him is validating his allegations.

photo from by Reuters / Patrick T. Fallon

An open letter to every person I meet who finds out I ride a motorcycle (posted due to the good writing and topic)

Let me stop you right there, mmmm-kay? I can tell by that little intake of breath what’s coming next. Thank you in advance, but I already know that motorcycles are “dangerous.” After nearly twenty years of riding on the streets, I am aware; telling me now will not be a revelation. It is not an insight into my lifestyle that has remained hidden from me until this, the moment of epiphany when you shine the light of outsider wisdom on my foolhardy choices.

There are ways I can minimize the risk — by riding defensively, riding sober, knowing my own and my machine’s capabilities, etc. — but I also know there are some risks that are simply beyond my control. But you know what? There a lots of risks that are within my control. We’ve become so pathologically risk-averse that for most people it is inconceivable to assume any additional risk no matter how much joy you might get back in return.

You want to know what’s truly dangerous? Not taking any risks. Hanging out with like-minded middle-of-the-roaders. Absorbing the same brain-ossifying shit from media factories every day. Jogging. Putting helmets, flotation devices, and auto-deploy epi-pens on your kids every time they leave the house. Passivity. Not paying attention to where your car, or your life, or you country is going.

If you don’t get that, that’s OK. I’m not trying to convert anybody, but here are a few tips to save us both a little aggravation:

You don’t need to tell me the horror story about your uncle’s buddy who wiped out his chopper while drag racing at some hooligan rally. That just makes me wish I were talking to your uncle’s buddy instead of you. He sounds pretty cool.

Do not — do NOT — tell me about the time you almost Sausage Creatured a biker because you “couldn’t see him” or he “came out of nowhere.” I have never known a bike to come out of nowhere, but I have seen plenty of cars pull a Crazy Ivan and turn into a lane occupied by a biker or make an impromptu unsignalled left turn in front of an oncoming me. If you’re expecting me to share your outrage at the temerity of bikers to be in the lane you want, you’re more deluded than a goldfish with a passport. I can’t make you see bikes. I can’t make you hang up your phone. They won’t let me mount a .50-caliber machine gun to my bike. So really, there’s not much I can do to change the outcome of your anecdote, so save it for your coreligionists who also have stick-figure families and giant softball stickers with the name “Tailyr” or “Flynn” or “Shyly” on their rear windows.

I do wear a helmet, as a matter of fact, along with other protective gear. But, the fact that you “certainly hope” I wear a helmet is so condescending it makes me want to ride a tricycle completely naked doing doughnuts in your front yard screaming Beastie Boys lyrics at midnight. Trust me, you do not want that. My buttocks are extremely pale and unsightly, especially in moonlight.

Please, do not complain about bikes parking in car parking spaces. Where are we supposed to park? If they let us park up on the curb like in Europe, we would totally do that, and precious few parking lots have motorcycle parking areas. Most cops already have a hard-on for bikes, so parking anywhere but in a designated spot is asking to be impounded.

Yes, I know, some bikes have very loud exhaust. Maybe it’s obnoxious, but at least you knew they were there, didn’t you? They say loud pipes save lives. I don’t know if that’s true, because there hasn’t been a serious comprehensive study of motorcycle safety since 1981, the poetically named Hurt Report. And yes, I know, at one point you probably saw some kid riding his 600cc sport bike at 100mph doing a wheelie down the freeway. He’s a squid, and he’ll either grow up or just take care of himself. Some bikers do crazy things. Anti-social things. Unsanctioned things. I don’t represent him and he doesn’t represent me — that’s the great part of being a biker. I could be a Lowbrow Weirdo or Antoine Predock or Lyle Lovett or just whatever I want to be.

If you’re really so all-fire concerned about my safety, don’t preach at me. Just do me this one favor: pay attention when you’re driving. Keep your greasy fingers off your touch-screen, put down your phone, use your turn signals and lay off the booze before you get on the road with me. You take care of your part and I’ll take care of mine.

But hang-gliding, man, that shit is crazy.

Carter Edman is an architect, writer, and rider in Cleveland, Ohio. He teaches “Motorcycles and American Culture” and other courses at Case Western Reserve University.

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If your car is ever stolen, your first calls should be to every cab company in the city.

If your car is ever stolen, your first calls should be to every cab company in the city. You offer a $100 reward to the driver who finds it AND a $200 reward to the dispatcher on duty when the car is found. The latter is to encourage dispatchers on shift to continually remind drivers of your stolen car. Of course you should call the police too but first things first. There are a lot more cabs than cops so cabbies will find it first -and they’re more frequently going in places cops typically don’t go, like apartment and motel complex parking lots, back alleys etc. Lastly, once the car is found, a swarm of cabs will descend and surround it because cabbies, like anyone else, love excitement and want to catch bad guys.

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Paperback Writer Cardigan {Fall Pattern Collection}

 Next up in my Fall "I'm bringing COMFY back" pattern line is the Paperback Writer Cardigan. I think this was the favorite in testing, and before you even ask YES a tween/woman's version is coming, and very soon! I am super excited about it because it is comfy and such a wardrobe staple for basically anyone. (likely even Men but I likely won't go there :) I love a good staple piece that works for boys and girls and nothing is more perfect than a cardigan.
 Earlier this summer when I was drafting the BBC Vest, I just knew then that I HAD to make a cardigan sweater with that roll collar. It is the perfect Grandpa Sweater, but you know in a hip and cool kind of way. For Jude (who by the way is wearing 100% momma made clothes the Nowhere Man Pants and an upcycled Tee using Blank Slates Vintage V-neck Pattern) I made his sweater from a thicker sweatshirt knit. It helps with the more masculine look to use a sturdy knit so it removes some of the loose drape. Plus its super warm and soft :)
 The pattern comes with pocket options which Jude understood as hand pockets, although I would say they are more of trinket holding pockets, he was sure to get his hands in there and keep them there.
 For Abbey I found the AMAZING knit at Girl Charlee It's a lightweight knit with great stretch and fantastic drape. I will say working with a thinner knit especially one that curls up is slightly more challenging especially if you are new to knits BUT I love the Cardigan in these lightweight knits they drape so perfectly and look great. Abbey is wearing hers with the lacey Madonna Ruffle Top, and I love them together :)
Both kids love their new comfy wear and I love seeing them in comfy knits! 
You can buy the pattern here: (click on the photo below) 

To find more amazing knits check out Girl Charlee

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the Pendine Sands VHRA hot rod races of 2013 was photographed by Bryn Musselwhite for

Pendine has a 7 miles stretch of sand beach, and is one of three speed trials venues in the British isles, it's been used for speed trials since the 1920's when Campbell and Parry-Thomas were reaching speeds over 140 up to 170's in the Sunbeam and Napier

for a big gallery of the races and historic beach: