Sunday, October 13, 2013

Harley Davidson Launches their New 2014 Street Glide in India

New Delhi, October 10, 2013 – Harley Davidson has launched the new 2014 Street Glide in India today. This motorcycle was originally introduced under the company’s Project RUSHMORE. This project was a global customer driver initiative by the legendary company to fundamentally improve a rider’s aspect of touring experience on their iconic motorcycles. The new 2014 HD Street Glide comes to India at Rs. 29,00,000 ex-showroom New Delhi as a Completely Built Unit (CBU) and will be available at all the 11 Harley Davidson showrooms spread across the country.

Cheapest Deals Joker Machine #10-442B Billet Vented Screw Gas Cap Smooth For Harley-Davidson

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Joker Machine #10-442B Billet Vented Screw Gas Cap Smooth For Harley-Davidson
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Cody Leaves Orange County Choppers

We got an email from Stan at Fun with my money. In the email Stan talks about the new houses that all The Teutel’s have bought in the last year  including brother Dan.It’s interesting information but not a surprise.The Helicopter was a surprise. We know the Teutels have made a fortune and frankly we don’t care. These guys got THE break when they got to t.v. first and one can’t deny the success they have made.This is America and if you work hard(some of them) and have a good idea, you can become rich.The Teutels made theme bikes that caught on. We don’t think that they are very functional and personally, i am not a fan but, it caught on.They did the “Fire” bike and the “Statue of Liberty” bike which was right after “Sept 11″.These theme bikes caught on and ultimately they have built motorcycles for numerous companies, for movies, for Jay Leno,for CAT, for HP,for I Robot, etc.They have appeared several times on Letterman. They even made a bunch of commercials and appeared in the film “Wild Hogs”. These motorcycles were obviously “very profitable with huge price tags”.
  The Teutel’s also are great marketeers with their apparel, their self agrandising toys and gizmos, anything they could sell to the public. Either they are very smart or, they employ a marketing company which is.I am thinking that Mikie and Jr. didn’t come up with the ideas. One must remember however, for them it is about money, not about  lifestyle. There is a big difference.
  I don’t like the show and I am not a fan of the bikes but that doesn’t mean a whole lot as many people seem to be both.I didn’t like Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton but Nixon was elected president and Clinton was elected twice.
  I don’t much give a crap about how much money the Teutel’s have. I am not jealous of people who succeed. I do not however, like the t.v. show or the way they treat people.I don’t like bully’s or control freaks.I am very much against abusive, destructive behavior.
  The Teutel’s are not friendly to their brothers and sisters in the industry. They seem to feel they are better than others and that puts me off. They yell and scream and try to intimidate their employees which  is disturbing. I recall them firing Nub( the painter), hiring Justin to do paint and then firing him.Nub is back now and it’s all about money. The kid did some of the best paint they ever had. They were constantly putting down employees like Campo, Cody, even Vinnie.I didn’t much care for Campo but he didn’t deserve humiliation.I just thought his skills were lacking, I remember when Paul Sr. told Vinnie he was being held accountable for cleaning the shop. Ironically it was Jr. and Mikey who made the mess. Vinnie is a very talented wrench who, in my opinion was the backbone of the production side of OCC. Vinnie solved problems. He was Sr. and Jrs. go to guy and he was always there. That can’t be said about the Teutel clan.
  Vinnie finally walked out and according to Stan, Cody has left as well. Cody leaving was never on air but, it had to piss off Sr. who took him in as a kid. It seems that he too was tired of being the butt of harassment and the OCC environment.Only Rick is left and the Teutels must try and replace the chemistry and skills these guys have.I am betting they can’t do it. I think this is the beginning of end.
I felt that Paul Srs. comment that ” everyone is replaceable” was pompous, arrogant, and wrong. It is insulting to people who slaved and worked for him and had a huge hand in their success to be just replaceable parts.. It is not surprising as Sr. has disdain for everyone except himself.I believe what goes around comes around so, we will see.
  Vinnie and Cody are together in a new venture called V-Force Customs. It is located in Rock Tavern just a stones throw from OCC.We do not know personally that this part is true but, according to Stan it is. It will be interesting to see if Vinny has the business accumen to make it work and if the market will dig what they do.I wonder if t.v. will pick them up.
  This is a whole new twist on an old story.Will Vinnie succeed? Will the Teutel’s start to decline? Can anyone worth a crap put up with the Paul’s and the disfunctional work environment at OCC? Does Mikie have any backbone at all?
  The Teutel’s are building a huge place which seems to be a monument to them.We’ll have to see if it turns out to be a monument or a headstone.
  The boys are now making production customs. I saw the models out in Sturgis and frankly, I don’t think this line won’t make it. There are so many nicer bikes being made and many talented builders they must compete with. Give me Perewitz, Ness, Smith, Yaffee,Bourget, Big Dog, Victory, Keim, Hotch, Young,Trota, Goldammer, Pugh, Mitchell etc. every time.  Good luck to the Teutel’s. I think they are going to need it.                                                     
 Check out picture of Orlando Bloom on his motorcycle here on Zimbio:
Orlando Bloom Getting Gas For His Motorcycle

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harley Davidson : First Women Owner India 2013

Harley Davidson | Harley Davidson India | Harley Davidson 883 Sportster | Sangeeta Vinodkumar | First Female Harley Davidson owner India
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Harley Davidson | Harley Davidson India | Harley Davidson 883 Sportster | Sangeeta Vinodkumar | First Female Harley Davidson owner India

Sangeeta Vinodkumar is the first woman in India to own and ride a Harley Davidson Registered in her name. It’s a metallic blue Harley Davidson 883 Sportster a birthday gift from her Husband. Waiting period to own one a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster was two months. Sangeeta Vinodkumar's ambition is first bike trip around the country with her husband and later to start  a Women Harley Riding Group in India  -