Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World 2013

If you're wondering why you're being charged so much for your motorcycle insurance, it may be due to factors that you're not aware of but which factor into insurance providers' calculations. One of these is your age. In general, younger motorcycle riders are charged higher rates because of the expectation that they are a higher insurance risk compared with more mature motorcycle owners. In addition, you will be levied higher rates if you are unmarried and male, again because of safety concerns.
Even the neighborhood in which you live and your occupation can be considerations used by providers in determining the size of your motorcycle insurance rates. For example, if you live in a high-risk area that has a high record for motorcycle thefts, then you will be charged a high rate. However, you can ameliorate this somewhat by installing anti-theft devices, such as tracking monitors, in your bike, as well as parking your bike in a secure place such as your garage or a protected parking lot. The distance between your home and your workplace, and the route you take to get there will also affect how much you will be charged.
But it is not just your personal profile that will be considered when computing your motorcycle insurance rates but also the type of bike you're driving. More powerful motorcycles, such as sports bikes, will be charged the most expensive rates because insurance providers anticipate that they will be used in a risky fashion, such as in street races. Even smaller motorcycles, which are generally the cheapest to insure, may be charged higher premiums if they have powerful engines. On the other hand, older models that are well maintained will be offered lower premiums. Bigger motorcycle models may also be charged lower premiums than sports bikes because they are considered safer to ride and users are less likely to use them in dangerous activities such as racing.

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